Customer Testimonials

With all the different services we offer we have received many wonderful comments over the years, here are some of the most recent:

“Surprised, and pleased with your web design, optimization, and ease to work with. The results have far exceeded my initial expectations, yet you re-assure me we are just getting started.

If you need a referral please feel free to have your prospects either email me at or phone me at 713-627-7700. I think anyone who is not using you as a full service vendor is missing an opportunity to increase their business presence”  

James A. Baker
President, Baker Communications Inc.

"Mike Beriault is a man of passion for his work. He is eager to please, enthusiastic, cordial, friendly and co-operative up to a point. He stopped being co-operative when I gave him the idea that I knew more about web site design and layout than he did, which of course was not correct. So you can count on him to tell you what he thinks even though you do not want to hear it.

"He does quite a bit of research to get to know the particular industry and the competition in my category. He is technically competent as far as his programming is concerned, although I really do not know this for sure, but it seems to me that this is true. He way under-charges for his work and I will compensate him more that what he has asked for.

"He is also very honest. I gave him several opportunities to lie and he did not. You can take his word to the bank. He is a man of integrity. He has set rather high standards for himself. He is almost old fashion in this respect and a throw back to people of two generations ago.

"He is truly outstanding in that he is a rare combination of HTML techie and advertising copywriter. What a talented gem."

Robert Waterman

"I have used so many optimization companies in the past, paid them a fortune and saw ZERO results. You are the best at this and when I write out your cheques I do so very happily, because you are worth every cent."

Sophie Constanti

"I have had a website for my business since 1996, traffic was decent, but I still found myself asking the same question. Why aren't we selling as much product as I think we should? Then along came Mike Beriault at Surf 22. I have been working with Mike for over a year now, Mike has completely transformed our web site for the better. In less than a year Mike has managed to implement several strategies that have literally tripled the amount of traffic to our website, and more importantly, our sales have tripled in less than a year, and we now have a huge presence on all of the major search engines! Increased traffic is great, but, if your website isn't converting your visitors, you're wasting your time and money. In addition to increasing our traffic and search engine rankings, Mike also fine tuned our website and turned it into a "customer friendly' selling machine. To say I'm ecstatic with the results would be an understatement! If you're looking for results, Surf 22 is the way to go! Thanks Mike!"

Doug Canning
President, Dirtbag Clothing Inc.

"I hired consultant Mike Beriault from to give the web site a complete face lift and better search engine placement. Since then my sales have doubled about every two months"


"Hello Mike, It is the 15th of the month.  I usually write checks today on all the bills that have come in since the first. However, I have a major problem,  the web site is bringing is so much business that I have no time to write checks. Thank you very much.  The work that you did is really paying off. 

I bet you never thought you would hear this out of me.  My web site is too productive.  I am simply overwhelmed. I just made a call to get some help.

Thanks for all your great co-operation and continuing work to improve the site and put in up on the engines to produce this really excellent result. God Bless you and yours."

Real Estate Agent in Anderson, SC

"Thanks also for all your hard work. Wayne really enjoys working with you.
It's so refreshing to deal with someone who is so committed to doing a good job."

Florida, USA

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"Thanks for your analysis. I believe it was the most bang for my buck I have received. I have made extensive changes based on your recommendations."

Bob Tavel
Houston, Texas

"Thanks for the report. It is very comprehensive. It is well worth the fee and has high value."

V.P., Business Development

"I like your opinions...Looks like I'll be busy.  Thank-you.  Seriously, I am very appreciative."  

Alaska Art Gallery.

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"Thank you for some very interesting suggestions."

EDatCat Shopping Cart

"Dear Mike !

... thank's for the cost-free service. This is a real customer-orientated service. Thank's a lot. Even for us as an Internet-Consultant, it is helpful to have available outsourcing-solutions, which can let one focus on our own core-competences."


"The analysis was excellent. Just what I needed to know!
Thank you!"

Gold Coast Arts Centre

"Thank you for the analysis, It is a great help. i am addressing the problems as I write this."

MBOC Services, Inc.

"Thanks for the analysis surely it's an effective way to fix lots details of my first e-commerce site."

Dr. Fontanez
Optical Heaven

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