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Is your web site not doing as well as you want?

Are you wondering what improvements you can make to: 

  • Boost Search Engine Rankings?

  • Improve the Overall Usability?

  • Increase Sales?

We can help! We encourage you to start with a free web site analysis. We'll visit your web site and prepare an analysis of your home/main page (from a usability OR search engine point of view) completely free of charge with no obligation. Simply fill in the brief web site analysis request form below.

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Before requesting your free web site analysis please be sure to read the conditions here to make sure your site qualifies for a free analysis. You must also replace the text in the comments field with your own details. On the following page you will be given the option to purchase the Express Analysis option.

Additional Bonus: As promised we will also send you the Free "Marketing Insiders Report", an email marketing newsletter sent twice a month filled with great marketing tips and feature articles. (You can of course unsubscribe at any time.)

All information is kept confidential and is used for internal purposes only as per our Privacy Statement.

Please Note: This is a time consuming high quality service directed at e-commerce or web sites looking to generate or boost profits.

  • Our staff are fluent in English and French and can analyze web sites in either language. Please contact us first for other language sites.

  • We do not analyze sites offering adult only content.

  • If you provide a free email address like Hotmail or Yahoo you must provide us with a secondary email address (in the comments field) from the domain being analyzed where we can send a copy of the analysis. 

  • You must provide specific comments on what you would like the analysis to help you with. This will help us target our reply to your needs.

  • Due to time constraints we can only offer one analysis per person and per site.

  • This service is offered for professional sites only, not personal sites.

    • If you site is hosted on a free server then your site does not qualify as a professional site.

    • If you do not own your own domain name (i.e. www.surf22.com as opposed to http://yourisp.net~username then your site does not qualify as a professional site.

Thank you for your understanding.

Want More Detailed Information?
Once you have seen the quality and seriousness of the information we provide you'll want to sign up for our more detailed analyses. We offer the Search Engine Analysis to help increase traffic or the Usability Web Site Analysis to help convert more browsers to buyers!

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We guarantee that within three months you'll notice an increase in traffic to your web site, and greater profitability (more sales!) from your web site or we'll refund you 100%, no questions asked!

Try before you buy, sign up for a free web site analysis. Then you can choose from the two packages below to request a more detailed web site analysis or take both and save!

Our staff are fluent in English and French and can analyze web sites in either language. Please contact us first for sites in other languages.

Web Site Analysis Features and Packages:

Free Web Site Analysis

Choose from a free Usability Analysis or a free Search Engine Analysis:

  • For the free usability analysis:

    • Have your Index page reviewed in relation to the ten key marketing steps you need to apply in order to succeed online. 

    • Includes direct links to our Free Internet Marketing Course in relation to your web site analysis to get you started on improving your web site

  • For the free search engine analysis we will analyze your:

    • Meta Tags

    • Link Popularity

    • Keyword Density

    • Web Site "Search Engine Friendliness"

    • Current indexing on the major engines

Your choice of either completely free! (Please, one analysis per person)

Cost: Free! 

Click here to request either free web site analysis!

Search Engine Web Site Analysis:

Tired of wondering if your counter is broken?
Hate being ignored by the search engines?

Our search engine analysis is designed to help you take advantage of the thousands of visitors you are missing out on each and every month! We'll help you optimize your own site!

  • Meta Tag Analysis: The analysis of your current meta tags also includes the manual creation of new optimized title, description and keyword meta tags you can simply cut and paste into the HTML of your index.

  • Link Popularity Analysis: Looks at how many sites currently link to your web site

  • Keyword Targeting: If you aren't targeting the right keyword you are wasting time and losing traffic! We'll do the research to get you started by providing a list of the top keywords related to your site to maximize traffic and sales.

  • Keyword Density: How is your page content? Do you have any content the search engines can actually read and index?

  • "Search Engine Friendliness": Looks at the structure of your site, are there design errors that may prevent the search engines from properly indexing your site?

  • Current indexing and ranking on the major search engines: How does your site rank? Has it even been indexed? Where do you need improvement? Find out in detail with this comprehensive part of the report.

All this information is complemented with specific examples and custom information relating to your web site on how to increase your search engine traffic.

Cost: $149

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Usability Web Site Analysis:

Our usability web site analysis package is geared towards web sites looking to convert more browsers to buyers:

  • Full Analysis of your Index Page:

    • How well does your index page introduce your site?

    • Are people bouncing off your web site?

  • Look at your competitors, who are they and what are they doing?

  • Analysis of your overall web site development, how browser and user friendly is your site?

  • Domain Name Evaluation, how marketable is your domain name?

  • Analysis of your Navigation Quotient, do people get lost in your site? How easy is it to travel through?

  • Analysis of your Customer Service Quotient, how friendly is your site and does it encourage or discourage sales?

  • Analysis of your web sites Selling Quotient. Does your site try to sell something by itself or is it too passive?

  • Get suggestions on creating return visits specific to your niche and a summary to help you best implement this wealth of information

As with all our services, it includes our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!
If you find the analysis doesn't help you boost your site traffic and increase sales within 3 months of you making the suggested changes we will refund you 100% no questions asked!

Cost: $149

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Usability Analysis Testimonials:

"Thanks again for your service, you helped us tremendously. It seems we did accomplish the goal of easier navigability. I think we will tackle some of the other issues as we brand ourselves over the next couple of years.

It has been a pleasure, thank you again."

Deena Bernier
Marketing Supervisor

"Thanks for your analysis. I believe it was the most bang for my buck I have received. I have made extensive changes based on your recommendations."
Bob Tavel. Houston, Texas

For more web site analysis testimonials click here

Can't Decide Which is Best For You?

Get the best of both worlds with our Full Web Site Analysis Combo!

If you are 100% committed and serious about taking control of your web site and jump starting your web site traffic and profitability we encourage you to take both the Search Engine Analysis and the Usability Analysis.

Why do both?

This way you benefit immediately from our years of experience to boost traffic AND convert all those new browsers to buyers! 

This way you take your site to the next level and you save by ordering them together!

Cost: $249 (Save $50!)

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