Surf22 Mission

There are many ways to waste money on the Internet. Between the scam artists and those who claim to know, but really just want your money, it can be a scary place.

Originally created as a single web site, was designed to help webmasters market their web site.

Mike is available for questions and comments at his personal email (, he is always glad to offer free advice and to look over a site and see what improvements can be made.

In his words: "Happy Marketing!"

About the Editor

Mike Beriault has been making his living through sales and marketing online since 1997.

As the newly promoted "Marketing Director/Internet Operations Guy" for a single retail store looking to take on the global market in the toy and hobby industry he was given the task of improving their web site and bringing in both customers and sales. The only problem was his budget: $0!

Through a lot of trial and error and time wasted through outdated information and conflicting information online he was eventually able to create the ten step pattern for marketing success he still uses today!

Now he has created an entire family of web sites to help other webmasters and Internet marketing directors that might be in the same position he was, broke and needing quality information to get a web site moving...

Surf22 is Mikes answer to all the overpriced companies trying to take advantage of the new economy and the huge advertising costs and e-commerce budgets.

He was able to start out and succeed with a minimal budget and will share with you how you can do the same.