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Simply fill in the form below and we will visit your web site and prepare a free web site analysis (from a Search Engine or Site Usability point of view, your choice).

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A human will visit your web site to prepare the analysis so be sure to add comments on what you'd like to improve about your web site so we can further personalize the analysis. 

We'll e-mail you the free analysis results in a step by step format you can use to improve your web site's marketability and profitability.

Please note the following:

Due to time constraints we must offer a few restrictions to be able to help the largest number of serious business owners.

  • Our staff are fluent in English and French and can analyze web sites in either language. Please contact us first for other language sites.

  • We do not analyze sites offering adult only content.

  • If you provide a free email address like Hotmail or Yahoo you must provide us with a secondary email address from the domain being analyzed where we can send a copy of the analysis (in the comments field). 

  • You must provide specific comments on what you would like the analysis to help you with. This will help us target our reply to your needs.

  • Due to time constraints we can only offer one analysis per person and per site.

  • This service is offered for professional sites only, not personal sites.

    • If you site is hosted on a free server like Geocities then your site does not qualify as a professional site.

    • If you do not own your own domain name (i.e. as opposed to then your site does not qualify as a professional site.

Provided your site meets these qualifications you will receive your free analysis within 30 days. For webmasters in a hurry we have added the Express Analysis option. For the low one time fee of $9.95 your analysis will be prepared within 5 business days, and if you decide to purchase one of our full analysis packages we will credit you the $9.95 towards your future purchase.

In a hurry to improve your web site?
If you want something more detailed than a free analysis to really improve your web site immediately click here to purchase a more detailed analysis.

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"Dear Mike !

... thank's for the cost-free service. This is a real customer-orientated service. Thank's a lot. Even for us as an Internet-Consultant, it is helpful to have available outsourcing-solutions, which can let one focus on our own core-competences."

Lothar, dataRESEARCH

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Before requesting your free web site analysis please be sure to read the conditions above to make sure your site qualifies for a free analysis. You must also replace the text in the comments field with your own details. On the following page you will be given the option to purchase the Express Analysis option.

All information is kept confidential and is used for internal purposes only as per our Privacy Statement.


More Testimonials:

"The analysis was excellent. Just what I needed to know!
Thank you!"

Gold Coast Arts Centre

"Thank you for the analysis, It is a great help. i am addressing the problems as I write this."

MBOC Services, Inc.

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